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Lombok is small island that a part of Indonesia. With Sumbawa island, Lombok were name by West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Lombok and Sumbawa have beautiful and famous volcanoes. Rinjani mountain at Lombok have 3726m asl that have beautiful viewing of caldera, lake and hotspring too. Tambora Mountain at Sumbawa have 2800m asl was biggest caldera in the world (6×7 km).

Lombok very famous with 3 Gili`s (island) like Trawangan, Meno and Air. Sumbawa with Moyo island. But actually ther`re more than 50 gili`s around this province.

Many comfortable accomodation can find in Lombok and Sumbawa, with good roadway. So you can get all destination with fast and easy. So how about activities?

Many activities can do at this island, like :  surfing, snorkling, diving, volcano trekking, and caving too. Including some traditional activities around island.

And now we introduce about new destination activities, FLYING.

Paragliding / Parapente is a part activities that you can find in Lombok and Sumbawa. More than 20 flying sites in Lombok and more than 10 flying sites in Sumbawa. With all direction and could be ridge soaring for fun fly or get thermaling for cross country.

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Sky's The Limit

“Earth covered 75% by water (go diving) and 25% by land.

Fly than and your life will feel more complete.”